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After 30 years of running veggie/vegan holidays I am now findling time to have the occasional holiday for me, recently travelling to South India on a reccy for our next tour in January/February 2020.  We are still offering our Christmas Houseparty, 4 nights in rural Gloucestershire. For a synopsis of both these events, please see below. Happy Travelling - Nigel

[Hawkwood College]

Christmas in the Cotswolds

23 - 27 December 2019  some space still available

We will be returning to Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire. This is VegiVentures’ 29th Christmas celebration. We offer 4 days of relaxation and a warm house-party atmosphere. We expect about 35 guests. Both traditional and creative events are organised. Enjoy: yoga, guided country walks, dancing, singing, sketching, creative activities and great veggie/vegan food. Choose to join in, or simply toast your toes in front of the log fire. Prices range from £395 to £750 per person, including 4 nights full board and all activities. For a copy of the brochure with full details, please contact Nigel:

[Backwater canoe]

South India Journey 

holiday full, waiting list available.

Main Tour: 16 January - 2 February 2020.  We fly to Chennai (Madras) and work our way south by private bus, along the Coromandel Coast staying at: Mamallapuram, famed for its ancient rock-cut, seaside temples; Auroville, an amazing community, aspiring to be 'a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony,' near the old French port of Pondicherry; Thanjavur, historic capital of the great Chola dynasty that produced unparalleled stone and bronze sculptures; SCAD (Social Change and Development) an Indian NGO near Tirunelveli, visiting  educational, social and craft projects, gaining deeper insight into Tamil and Indian culture. And finally by train to Varkala, a resort on the Arabian Sea coast of Kerala, to relax by the ocean. Return flights to the UK are from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum).

Kerala Extension: 2 - 8 February 2020. We travel north along Kerala’s Malabar Coast to Alleppey and board a comfortable barge for a two-night trip on the Backwaters, cruising past rice fields and villages, observing the rich bird-life. Then on to the spice-trading port of Kochi. Founded by the Portuguese and conquered by the British, it has older and newer districts including the bustling mainland town of Ernakulam and the quieter colonial town of Fort Cochin. Return international flights are from Kochi Airport. Prices including hotels, land transport, delicious South Indian veggie/vegan food and optional yoga classes: Main tour, 16 nights in India £1740. Kerala Extension, 6 nights in India £580. Plus international flights, approx £500 UK/India return. For a brochure with full details please contact Nigel:  

Climate Care

Each time we take a flight or travel by car CO2 is added into the atmosphere. One way we can help to reduce the impact is through carbon offsetting. Offsetting isn’t the answer to climate change. The first step should be to see how we can avoid and reduce emissions. However, some emissions can’t or won’t be avoided. That's where offsetting has a role to play. It’s a way of compensating for the emissions produced with an equivalent carbon saving. - You could consider donating to Trees for Life. It’s not directly a carbon offset provider, but a very worthwhile forest regeneration project in Scotland:  or the Woodland Trust:

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