Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer 43 Review

I want to talk about the AAA watch that really came out today. This is my replica watch. I just bought it from This is my first contact. If you want, you can buy the high-end luxury tec-9. Watches fake, but actually it's not a big deal, but some of the things I've shown have been lent to Vero Engineering. These Medford reinstall knives are not mine, but my friend's. I have some other loans tomorrow Dense stuff I have a bunch of good stuff, I don't know how many substitute players in that bunch I have come in from a substitute player. My friend, and then I just came in today and there are some customized Todd Fisher jr. I will show these knives here in a few days. I am lucky to provide me with a good partner loan. Wow, you will see those coming out, but I want to talk about TAG Heuer Aquaracer 43.

43MM Case

So this is a 43mm Aquaracer, it will dive according to the specifications, so don't be too confused here, because I have maintained the honeymoon feel for it, because I have used it for a few hours, so I took it Let's take a video from my wrist and it will replay until it's time to sleep tonight, so the case size is a 43mm replica watch, but if I measure the only position of the actual case, it's 44mm and the bezel is 43. Okay, no matter the size of the leg to hang is 50mm, so instead of saying, I mean, there is a decent best Tag Heuer replica. Let me tell us that I misunderstood Ludwig's is a little over 21. 21:30 is a bit difficult to measure, and it is gradually reduced to 18 on each link. The total thickness of the bracelet is 12.7mm. It is made of sapphire crystal. This is the first one I have equipped with a cyclops or date magnifier fake Watch, it's cool to try close-ups once I finish the rest of the work.

Caliber 5

These exercises are Caliber 5, which is what the label says, but it is ETA to 8 to 4 or Salida exercise, and then they adjust or do some voodoo to me. Really confirm that they use both Salida and ETA movements, it only depends on the exact time of manufacture of the replica watch, so take a breather of 193 grams, for you, I converted it to 6.8 ounces, which is a good size watch fake, The size fits my one-seventh-inch and quarter-inch wrists, it is waterproof to 300 meters, and the power reserve is 38 hours, so I hope it could be a bit longer, because I will be 80 hours of Hamilton Spoiled, but it's so good. I will endure it for 48 hours or 38 hours. I will wear it on my wrist and give it to us Rashad, in my one-seventh inch and one-quarter inch On the wrist, it really wears well. In any case, Robbery is one of them, because his wrist is about the same size as mine, so before he shipped it, he asked me if he wanted him to size it. For me, I will definitely move on, especially because this uses the consultation system, so it is a bit difficult to sigh, not only the screw is unscrewed, and then the connecting rod is pulled out, there is also a pin entering the collar , It should be pulled. It happened to be pulled here really fast. 

I know that many people have watched some of the channels that follow Rob, but if you are my knife buddies, then you may not see it, so you can fake rolex it here Until it has a pin and a collar, once the pin is inserted into the collar, push it fully and lock it there like a small piece in the center of the pin, there is a hole in the collar, and then enter the middle, in Here, the collar will be inside this piece, and the pin will pass through the collar through the outside and reach the other so it's a bit painful to set up, but once the size is determined, it won't be the same as you often adjust the size, so I know once I'm sure Size, it's almost a very difficult thing. You need to make some fine adjustments here to buckle several degrees at a time. This buckle also has a type extension. You can wear it because you are willing to do so, because it It's a diving cabin that provides you with some extra space to put on your diving suit. This is the one you can wear and this one really works well, so let me see if I can do a close-up here. I will use the camera Give it a try, because this dial is really great, so you can see the date magnifying glass very well, I like the yellow pop on the top of the second hand, and then the bottom shows that the caliper 5 is also yellow at the water level of 300 meters

Blue Dial And Bezel

But just a beautiful blue dial and blue ceramic 120-speed bezel, the effect is very good, the action is very good, it feels good, and the arrangement is very good, the killer killer watching it will indeed hack and process the lines, so you can Set the seconds. On the whole, this is an excellent replica watch. It has a fully fitted buckle and is very comfortable. Therefore, it does have a double loom. Let us compare the size before taking the real shot. So this is my Seiko The customized version of KX made for me is a 42mm case, this is a 43mm case, it is indeed a 44mm case, but the diameter of the dial or bezel is 42, so it makes me feel It's very interesting to see that fake watches of different sizes look very similar or imitation watches of similar size look very different, so this is my Seiko Yellowfin Tuna, it's a 48 49 mm case, but it looks very similar to the label , So what makes me very interesting is that you know that different sizes, similar or similar sizes are completely different, so anyway, let's shoot the monster guy with the loom may be a bit superpower, so we moved him to the back, Let's see if the camera picked up the lens, I don't know we will see how it works, so I try to put it here a little closer, and look, where you can see it in most indexes as Blue, then green at 12 3 6 & 9, green at the end of the hour and minute hands, and the loom is also very good. I think it is really great for the naked eye.


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