Replica Tag Heuer 41MM Aquaracer

This is a blue replica Tag Heuer 41MM Aquaracer. I personally prefer 41MM. Of course, this tag makes the 43mm color scheme great. At some point, I am sure I will bring them to my article. , But I can't help but seize the opportunity to put my hand on the blue, because I am a big fan of this model, I'm shocked, I don't own a replica watch, or I don't have a knock off watch yet, but maybe this The relationship will eventually promote the potential ownership of the fake watch, so let's get into the super clone watch, so this is their advertisement.


I think as 41 I will measure it now, just like all these replica watches, I tried to exclude any bumps on the crown guard, crown and case, so I tried to grab it here and then measured 40.8, then the lugs are only 47.1, so the excellent case of 47.1MM is ultra-thin, only 12 mils, 12 mm thick or thin, any thickness of 20 mm lugs, the taper of the bracelet is reduced to level 18, we may also be close to level 20 .


We will discuss the bracelet in class, but the polished surface for a moment is very good, the bezel is polished, the polished crown and the polished embossment are here, and of course the back can also be polished very well on this ceramic bezel insert, and it can Finish the decoration well, you will find that its shape obviously fits the bezel, but for our AquaRacer best Tag Heuer replica, the unique bezel is really great, because it is definitely its own thing. It is absolutely unique in the design and execution of the entire case.

Caliber 5

So this is obviously the No. 5 caliber, what this actually means, so it marks a few things on the rotor, maybe there are other things, but they must have bought a high-end, I believe they are like two before using the ETA movement A to 4 is the same, but I may be wrong in the high level, but I am pretty sure they have switched to SW to hundreds of high levels, so the performance is excellent, I put it on Grapher, it is like near COSC The operation is not COSC, but its performance is very close, so I suspect that they bought those high-end movements, so the part number of this guy is the fake tag here, you can see the retail price of 179 dollars. So if I happen to miss anything, maybe you will find that the sapphire crystal in the message makes your code perform well on the date. The magnifying glass is there and you can see that it is about twice and a half, or something like that makes me move I opened that hand because you know it's a coincidence. I actually shot this video on the 11th, but whenever you are on the first day of the month or on the 11th, you will get a Special treatment, they behave like if you are like a teenager, or are different from the kids you know at the end of the year, so you can see their little hook pointing to the top of the one below, I think it's a little genius You can have better functions, sometimes you will know that the ownership of the watch fake takes a while to take away these subtle things, so please forgive me for any small dust particles I encountered here, but you can see the deep engraved on the dial Deep nicks, you know that the thin stripes almost pass through the very clean, classic, powerful, and excellent-looking radium code application index, and the earpiece is very wide, the earpiece is clear and easy to read, and their ends are shielded by labels, which can be connected to the whole The is connected and provides an opportunity for them to separate the loom, because it does have a double loom, hope I can show you in the video, I hope it can be shot on the loom.

Ceramic Bezel

You can pick it up, but you can see that this thing is only an excellent grade of ceramics. I don't know what it contains, but no matter what it looks like platinum, it looks very nice. I don't think that is true, but of course my logo crown also has a shield, so the excellent execution on this replica watch label really knows what they are doing and provides some information and diver helmet in it. Let me narrow it down, I will show you what is on the buckle, this is not, it is just a double button buckle, very simple three fine adjustments, but I do notice that you know many such buckles, there will only be one And the pin will look like this, and then when you press it, it actually releases the internal mechanism, which is a bit like the opposite, so I think it's stronger in nature and better mechanically. As for the grip, then you will have two prongs in it, and then they will actually get stuck and catch, it gives you a nice smoothness, gives you a very thin profile, and is as thin as a super clone watch There is a certain kind of cohesion. Let me make this guy on my wrist jump up and let you wear the Codel watch replica really fast now. Hopefully the video will be played soon, but the hardest gamer knows that I didn't give it a ruler because of this. 

It's a very novel watch fake, oh, it's not my Salzman's, but you can see that the seven I made in that quarter can be worn forever, just like you know six and a half inches of rest is easy, even The six interests are the same, because the shorter ears are just a killer, I mean I just don't know and I don't want to talk about a lot of imitation watches, it's definitely not small, but it's definitely in a smaller wearable size, but if If it really makes sense, it still has a good sense of wrist presence. I think this fake watch will definitely attract anyone who is keen to pay attention to what people are wearing. You should buy this AAA watch there. Several replica watches can do this, and I believe this is one of them, so the bracelets are all brushed and polished on the side chain. What is certain is that you will be easier to put on the stitches and collar, so I think Some people may wear stitches and rolex replica collars but this may actually be the safest way to make a bracelet. It may make you feel at a loss, but once the bracelet is sorted out, there won't be any problems with this, you can see The links are separate parts, so you can get great comfort in them. If you are correct, it will hang on your wrist. Then, the center link on the solid link will fold very well, so It also helps that if your wrist is small, or even larger, it will flow very smoothly through your wrist, so another really deadly thing I noticed is the pop music of the crown system, but when you pull it When it comes out, if you see there, you will find that it is the tube you know is sticking out, but I'm not kidding, this is the strongest crown I have on the channel when I try to move this channel. For example, II wants to see if they have any effect.

It will move the entire replica watch like I think you can tie on this thing and pull things that are not obvious, but I just want me to understand that this thing is very reliable Yes, but of course you want to keep the maximum waterproof function you know, so let me see if I can make all the frame movements 120 clicks are very smooth, smooth like water, very consistent and smooth, good sound, excellent frame, There is no problem here. This fake watch I love, let me do a loom shooting, I want to be worth the money here, so I will continue to use ultraviolet light for shooting, because I hope you can be, I definitely can Seeing the duel dome with the naked eye, so I hope that if we get a little attention, make sure you can see it, you will definitely see that there is a cool blue on the index body, and then you pin And the minute hand, then the second hand is green, then there is green on the outside of the index number 12369, and then there is green on the outside of the hour and minute hands, if all this makes sense to the naked eye, then it is very visually attractive . So, do you like this super clone watch? If you like, welcome to buy in the store.


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