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"Thank you for a special holiday... The food, rippling sunlight on Lake Titicaca, the slow pace of life... all were magical." Neil and Valerie, London

"The food was excellent, so much variety and good use of local products." Julie, West Sussex

"Our guide's devotion to ensuring our safety... her linguistic ability, her enthusiasm to impart her knowledge of South America and her love of its people... went far beyond what we could have expected." Bill, Surrey

"The group was fantastic. We had unforgettable moments of laughing and singing together." Chris, Belgium

"This trip has lived up to my expectations regarding culturally sensitive and ecologically responsible tourism. I will definitely recommend VegiVentures tours on that basis, in addition to the care and love that goes into their preparation." Aubrey, London

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"I enjoyed being in a pleasant group of like-minded people, also the beach at Olu Deniz, and the food at the hotel - it is so good not to worry about getting good veggie food." Louise, Gloucestershire

"VegiVentures has the knack of picking a perfect place!" Mary, Devon.

"The others in the group were lovely people, the setting magnificent and the cooking superb. Our hosts were most welcoming." Aimee, Peterborough

"It was organised but not overly-so, there was space to be ourselves, not regimented. The whole holiday was fun, light-hearted and friendly. I felt rejuvenated, physically and spiritually... everybody is respected as an individual, and I personally experienced love and caring which I didn't anticipate. It was a real treat to be in such a healthy and beautiful place." Jane, London

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Lake District

"The excellent food, great company and atmosphere and, of course, the walking. I've been here 6 times in the last 7 years and I'll be back again." David, West Midlands

"I enjoyed all meals. They were consistently substantial and imaginative." L.B., Essex

"We had lots of fun and laughter. A truly marvellous holiday!" Leslie, Clwyd

"Being a very out of condition walker... I was able to enjoy the two easy walks and for the rest of the week do my own thing, yet still feel part of the group. The warm-up sessions by the lakeside were inspiring and a totally new experience. I greatly appreciated Heather's flexibility to choose walks most suited to the majority... I shall be back." Polly, Cambridgeshire

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Creativity weekends

"I enjoyed the welcome and the friendly atmosphere, the wonderful selection of creative activities, excellent leaders and willing participants with a sense of fun. A laid-back, refreshing time, ready to face the world again." Joan, Wakefield

"I enjoyed the company of like minded people, lots of interesting workshops, excellent food." John, Hants

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"The relaxed atmosphere made it easy to choose whether to join in group activities or not...Delicious food even though I am not veggie... Generally a very relaxing experience which met my needs at this time." Siobhan, Oxford

"Super vegan diet. I enjoyed meeting old acquaintances and making new contacts. Excellent organisation..." Catherine, Cardiff

"There were plenty of activities on offer, and plenty of chances to talk, walk, relax, if that is what you preferred. One of the most peaceful periods I have spent." John, North Yorkshire

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